DIY Organic Toothpaste (Fluoride = Icky Eeww Gross!)


stretchOne of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher is that many people ask me for advice on all sorts of issues. (Some other professionals in other areas like doctors or physiotherapists dislike being asked for free advice. I LOVE IT!) Clients, friends and family tend to all ask the same root question in their search for peace, health and happiness.

“What steps can I take to be good to myself?” they ask phrased in a plethora of ways.

It’s that simple. Being good to ourselves results in happiness and health.

‘Good to ourselves’ doesn’t mean treating ourselves to shopping or bags of chips. In this sense it means actually giving your body the nutrients you know it needs regardless of money, actually giving your body the time it needs for rest and exercise, regardless of money, and to give your spirit the opportunities to let go of everything—…

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A Conversation With a Witch.


I never really gave witchcraft much thought, and even scoffed at it, until eight years ago someone buried my picture in a Mexican Cemetery. It was eye opening, bone chilling and crazy. I was quickly involved in several unrelated freak accidents. I also caught dengue fever, was fired from my job along with eleven others without reason and was left stranded in Mexico without money or a home. The dark energy hit me hard. I felt it, and it’s weight pulled on me like quicksand for months. Nothing like these events had ever happened to me before, so I began to believe in the ability of manipulating energies.

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe holiday this last weekend. This year dressing up just didn’t happen in my world. No partying either, really. My Dia de Los Muertos was spent talking with a Witch.

The playground where magic takes place is in darkness, just like tonight. Lola, a beautiful Latin American woman, spoke of her enchanting past. She began learning magic from her ancestors. It started with black and white magic. Alchemy resulted in a balance of practicing the two. The intuitive skills, sensitivity towards energies and ancient knowledge has been passed down through generations.

Black magic entails casting spells. At times, it is with the intention of causing harm to someone, but not all black magic is bad. It is often used in ceremonies to aid in the transition from life to death. It is also utilized in calming chaos and purifying spaces. Both spells for black magic and white magic have consequences. Practicing both forms can parallel the balance of loving both the light sides of our existence as well as our shadows.

White magic is generally practiced for healing and health, to find or strengthen the bond of friendship, and to find truth. (Who’s the fairest of them all?) Other uses of white magic are for defense, to decode dreams, to manifest peace and to ward off other spells. Lola’s supernatural practice is for self-healing and to purify her own space. Alchemy is a tool to dig into deep layers of one’s self, finding the root of illness and stress. If she heals her surroundings (her body, her home) people on the same frequency are attracted like magnets and subconsciously also healed.

Our conversation led me to think about things I’ve never pondered before. Here’s inspiration from a witch.

All Energy Can Be Applied to Amplify Life

What does it mean to apply all energy towards amplifying our lives? How much energy is all of it? Lola exists and makes moves very conscious of her actions and the possible reactions or consequences. She describes a bedtime meditation involving visualizing goals and aspirations before falling asleep. Through this, she manages to maintain complete consciousness throughout the sleep cycles. It’s as if she observes herself rest. She can wake up at any moment and even choose the level of restoration she receives overnight. She also visualizes the things she wants to bring to her life in the future, dedicating herself to searching for spiritual advancement by focusing on abundant positivity in her life before sleep.

The Universe Is Where Our Wishes Materialize.mudralotus

In the beginning, Lola wondered if she was crazy or super cognizant. When she realized with practice she could refine these skills, her life was flooded with meaning and purpose. “When someone recognizes they are a force of power they can choose their life’s meaning.” She explained. “We create our realities as bizarre as they may flow. We can be anyone and we can do anything.”

Information Has Historically Arrived Through Space Teaching Us How To Continue Life.

Ideas come and go in our minds and we often think nothing of where they come from or where they go. These little messages are the universe speaking to us. One example is the cosmos saying long ago ‘be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 9:7) because that was what was needed at the time for life to continue. Today, many women no longer feel the ‘ticking clock’ or internal drive to be a mother. The world is overpopulated and over polluted; right now we don’t need to multiply, we need to conserve and live lightly. Lola believes this shift is the universe’s great wisdom infiltrating our minds as a necessary step for continuing life as the human race.

We Are The Architects Of Our Own Destiny. Allow Self-Change.

“The divinity inside of your heart could be from a shooting star, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, etc. They were all great teachers that taught love and unity, not separation. Yoga, like magic, is an instrument to guide our path towards the light.” The words she spoke gracefully spilled into our space. This information, like all information, is available for the taking if we want the learning path that accompanies it.

Through the evening air, sweet smell of incense moved from the glowing ember, flowing in around us. Lola, sat at the handmade wooden table across from me, her eyes twinkled in the candle glow. We both sipped hot mugs of chamomile tea with Yucatan honey pondering the strength of our divine power— the divine power inside of all of us.

Lola’s Dia de Los Muertos advice for us: Direct your energy towards amplifying life, use the universe as the space to make your dreams come true. Listen to the subtle voice within, and allow yourself to change while creating your destiny.

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