The Healthiest Coconut Oil – Miracle Substance

Coconut Oil — Miracle Substance / Healthiest Type of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is so good for us if it is the right type! In a Google Search of ‘coconut oil anti’ we find coconut has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and an antibiotic properties.

Coconut oil comes in many varieties and calibers. Differences range in texture, color, flavor, refined or unrefined, virgin or extra-virgin, cold-pressed or expeller-pressed?… I’ve already lost you, right? I’m boring myself too, but it gets better, I swear. ;P

I love this article from #foodrenegade giving ALL of the information on various coconut oils, leaving the decision up to the consumer, but when it comes to holistic nutrition, sometimes I’m like, “Just tell me, please! Don’t make me research, think, distinguish or decipher.”

Cheers to the passive learner in all of us! [Link] Little blog, by little blog, and one insightful Instagram post at a time, we create or morph our realities and ourselves. It’s incredible!

So, short and sweet:

Experts across holistic nutrition fields agree the most medically beneficial type of coconut oil is: drum roll please….

Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Unrefined is said to be a synonym of ‘virgin’ and ‘extra-virgin’. This is the best option whether used for hair, skin, cooking, oil-pulling, raw consumption and everything in between.

I especially love organic, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil when it is in a reusable glass jar instead of plastic!

Here is easy access to buy online one of my favorites! I love reusing their glass jars. 🙂


Here is a link for buying organic coconut oil in bulk to save money.

Click here to learn how to Make Your Own Coconut Oil Toothpaste! [link]

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Woman having a relaxed yoga practice at the beach

Matilda A. Juliette

Matilda began introspection and soul work several years ago. She fell in love with yoga during a miserable low point in life. Job sucked, relationship sucked, and when push came to shove she didn’t like herself all that much. She felt she was on the fast track towards a mundane life. Searching for something positive to be a part of, Matilda impulsively purchased six months unlimited at the yoga studio. There she found something she didn’t realize was lost… herself. Yoga— something so simple, yet so complex changed everything.

Matilda is a sultry storyteller. In addition to silly blogs, yummy healthy recipes and reviews, Matilda is the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. Follow her for more beautiful short stories, compilations of risky and seductive encounters paired with tasteful karma.

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12 Ways To Change The World This Spring Break

Every year many people escape from the bitter cold to sweet sweaty relief on sandy beaches. One of the most common countries of destination is where I now call home.

Over 1.5 million tourists visit Mexico each year. Whether it’s water or alcohol, if each person has on average five drinks per day, that’s seven and a half million single use straws, cups, or bottles. That is just Mexico! With that many people traveling, very small adjustments in how each individual vacations can be enough to change our lives.Featured Image -- 174

We all know there is a trash crisis floating in the ocean. Plastic is killing animals rapidly. These paradises and many other polluted areas are places where many species of birds rely on annually for migration. Sea turtles don’t use just any beach to lay eggs, these beaches just like many other areas are special. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System located in the Mayan Rivera is the second largest reef in the world supporting millions of creatures that we also rely on.

We can do our part to make sure the trash we create is disposed of properly or recycled, but once it leaves our sight, we really don’t know what happens to it. Let’s stop waiting for legislation on climate change, and take the problems into our own hands! Wherever we go, and whatever we do, with simple adjustments we can change the world.

At first being mindful of things like how much trash we create per day takes extra thought, but in no time it becomes fun. Start by just noticing every time you throw something away, or someone throws something away for you. Globally, this is where we can make the biggest difference; not creating trash in the first place. I’ve compiled an “Every Little Bit Helps” list of eco-friendly life hacks that often save money, protect the planet, and don’t spoil any of the fun. Have other ideas? Please add them to the comments below!trashybeaches

  1. Say always “Without a straw, please.” or “Sin papote, por favor.” It is good practice to do this every time a drink is ordered! If you are at a place where they use disposable cups, ask for the refill to be in the same cup. “Puedes usar la misma vaso por favor?”
  2. Get coffee or tea in a mug ‘for here’ instead of the disposable cup, sleeve or straw, and lid ‘to go’. It’s fun taking it easy for a few minutes, people watching and enjoying your time!
  3. Bring your own travel mug and reusable drink cup. (The world is thanking you already!) Just those first three steps save tons of trash from going into our landfills and oceans.
  4. Bring a few of your reusable grocery bags from home. These are such great travel accessories! From shopping without plastic to using as a beach bag, or even for dirty clothes, cloth bags always come in handy!
  5. If you’ve purchased items for your trip with packaging, discard the packaging at home beforehand where recycling is more established.
  6. Bring your personal reusable water bottle. Buy a garrafón (about a five-gallon bottle) at a grocery or convenience store and fill up your personal reusable bottles. Garrafónes cost less than $30 pesos or about $2 USD, and may even last a whole week of refilling, instead of paying for and consuming many individual plastic bottles. The empty garrafón can be returned and exchanged for a full one at a cheaper price.
  7. Bring your own shampoos and soaps to avoid using the tiny plastic bottles in the room. Here is where legislation could do some good. Can you imagine if every hotel was required to offer their soaps in refillable hand pumps, instead of three little bottles with lids per person, per room? Bonus points if your personal hygiene products are biodegradable. Some areas actually require biodegradable shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens and bug sprays because the chemical stuff was killing animals. (If it kills other smaller organisms, what is it doing to me?)
  8. If you are a beer drinker, choose the glass you can exchange back for more beer! In Mexico, caguamas, pronounced ka-wa-mas, are similar size bottles to what we call a forty for forty ounces of beer. These are not only cheaper than 12oz bottles or cans, but stores accept the glass back, and your next round is cheaper!
  9. Pack it in, pack it out- Leave no trace. Whether it is a picnic and a hike, time at a park or a day at the beach, be sure to take everything you brought back out to discard it properly. Bonus points if you have the time and energy to pick up other litter, too! If applicable, keep very good track of your cigarette butts to be thrown away properly. The sea turtles love them. Packing it out is even more of an adventure towards the end of the day. Think of it as a fun drunk competition to each pick up as many pieces of garbage as we can in thirty seconds. The stories from these moments will last forever!
  10. Crush empty cans and keep them separate from other garbage. Chances are they will be found and recycled. If you are on the beach, young children with their mother will collect them from you. For some, turning in cans to be recycled is their only form of income. Having to dig through less trash is much appreciated and crushing them creates more space meaning less trips. They will appreciate your effort.
  11. Consider a different style of vacation all together. I was raised believing the sentiment, “You work hard, to play hard.” On holiday, if my toes were in the sand, a beer was in my hand. I often felt like I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation, and when I returned to work after a week of partying and being hung over, I wasn’t restored at all. One year, instead of consuming toxins all week, I went on a yoga retreat and detoxed. From now on, I think I’ll work hard to relax well.
  12. Consider camping, hostels, couch surfing, or renting a place instead of a hotel and restaurants. A less commercial experiences and eating in some meals saves money and has less impact on the environment.

*Bonus* If you want to take the mindful spring break one step further, try not to support animal exploitation. I know it’s super cute to get a photo with the baby tiger, dolphin or monkeys but they are sometimes drugged (sedated) and often mistreated. They have a very poor quality of life in a tiny cage when they aren’t being used for tourism. Instead of swimming with the dolphins, borrow a plastic floaty from a kid at the pool for your dolphin photo. These memories are just as great as if we would have supported an animal slave industry.DolphinPhoto

Matilda Juliette is a writer and yoga teacher spreading love through words. She considers herself an advocate for the planet. She loves picking up garbage, composting, recycling, upcycling, and all things green!  If you enjoyed this article, you will probably get a kick out of my book, Eeny, Meeny, Miney Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. Check out my blog and follow me around. 🙂

Peace in.

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Winter Driving Is Kind Of Like Skiing, Except With Skis, It’s Often Easier To Stop.

Winter driving in Colorado is kind of like skiing, except for with skis, it’s often easier to stop.

As a driver for lyft in Denver, I’ve safely braved many icy nights inside my tan Subaru. Snow tires and all-wheel drive are essential for safe winter driving, but actually, I’ve learned the best skills from the Responsibility Code of skiing the slopes at Vail.

Photo Credit : Conrad Moulton

Photo Credit : Conrad Moulton

Your Responsibility Code

Colorado is committed to winter driving safety. While driving on Colorado roads, you may be joined by rear wheel drive cars, front wheel drive, trucks with trailers, experienced cold weather drivers, those who have no clue, and even cyclists. Always show courtesy to others and be aware there are elements of risk involved with driving in slick conditions with low visibility that common sense and situational awareness can help reduce. Maintain a safe slow speed. Observe “Your Responsibility Code”—listed below— and share the responsibility with others.

  1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other vehicles or objects.
  2. Vehicles ahead of you have the right of way (they may not be able to stop). It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. Do not stop your car in dangerous areas where your car may not be visible to others.
  4. When conditions are slick and you are merging, check uphill and yield to others.
  5. Be prepared. Have snow tires, jumper cables, a shovel, water and a sleeping bag in your car.
  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Stay away from known problem areas.

Save skiing, riding and driving to all!

lyftheidiMatilda Juliette loves her pink fluffy mustache just about as much as she loves her yoga mat. She is a yoga teachin’ lyft drivin’ writer with flair.

Along with blogs on life, yoga, and nutrition, Matilda is also the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe — Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. She loves sharing great things of this world. Matilda’s articles can be found on elephant journal and her book can be found online.


My ElephantJournal Articles! —2014 Links—

Two women meditating in a studio

Photo Credit Luna Vandoorne.

I love love love elephant journal!

The elephant journal blog has blessed my life with information on health and happiness for several years now. Seriously, just like elephant journal on facebook, read some of the articles that interest you in the newsfeed and see what changes happen in life!

Joining elephant journal as a writer in 2014 has expanded my horizons infinitely! 🙂 I am so happy to be a part of the beautiful exchange of information that happens through blogging on elephant journal.

Below are the links to the articles in order of popularity with views and shares! Please read and let me know what you think!

Remember, if you like some of the articles you will probably get a kick out of my book, Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe — Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. It is a really fun and easy to read the fictitious romance novel about searching for love in a mindful way and trusting our own individual unique path.

Thank you all so much. As the new year rolls in, I feel super fulfilled by creating something that most people enjoy—my writings! And I truly couldn’t have this profound joy if there weren’t readers or an audience to write for. It is thanks to you readers that I am experiencing such a wonderful life! I am filled with gratitude!

bebeautifulselfElephantJournal Articles:

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Thank you.Thats 257,050 Views in 2014!

Thank you & muchos Namastes for 2015!

xo ~Matilda


Matilda Juliette is a true lover of life. She finds deep happiness in sharing positivity and ideas with others. As an international yoga teacher and writer, her articles can be found at elephant journal and on her website.

Matilda is also the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi.  Follow her on Facebook for more sweet stories, health blogs and yoga fun.

What To Get A ‘Non-Consumer’ For The Holidays.

R.R. Shakti made an amazing point in her December newsletter. Her words weaved together so beautifully and accurately I can’t even paraphrase it. Read this wonderful teacher’s words below and be sure to follow her for amazing insight on healing and life. Here’s what she said:


O.k. Picture this: 

It is your birthday/anniversary/favorite holiday and your mom/husband/best friend stands at your door with a GIGANTIC gift and a grinning face of joy-filled anticipation.
You say, “No way! I can’t possibly accept that; I’m not worthy.” And then: “Thanks, but no thanks—good-bye,” as you shut the door in his/her face…
Sad picture, right?
But isn’t that exactly like what we do to life, itself, whenever we close out opportunities to receive life’s infinitely abundant blessings? 
For many loving people, it is easy to freely give. receiving receiving 
But to freely RECEIVE…now, that takes practice!
And that is why I LOVE the holidays. 
The gift-giving season is an opportunity to fling the door wide open to every possible gift coming your way. And how you receive the small stuff will determine how you embrace the big, important, life-transforming stuff. 
So whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa‎, Jul, or the Winter Solstice, allow yourself to embody a beautifully balanced practice of giving and receiving.” 

xmasGift giving and receiving in my family has historically been an extremely fun experience. Our tradition has been to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see what order we open all of our gifts. From childhood through university my parents have still given windup airplane kits, yo-yos, puzzles and remote control cars. Things we actually play with all morning, toys!.

Interestingly, as my brother and I are getting older we find ourselves not needing much and deeply appreciating everything our family has already done and continues to do for us. I live abroad and have to keep a light load, and my brother, an ophthalmologist, doesn’t have much free time to spend on material things. Because of that, our family rule last year was to only give one present and it’s got to be purchased at a thrift store.

It was by far the funniest holiday we’ve had!

As I mentioned in my article How I Retired at 25 and Never Looked Back, I like to think that I practice non-consumerism, which tends to result in a total life-clash during the holidays. Sometimes, it’s weird to receive and sometimes I still feel like I should give… for that reason, I’ve compiled a list of gifts for the holiday grey area and the in-between.

Know first and foremost just that you were thinking of us makes us shine! Sharing a meal together, spending time together, learning from each other and simply basking in each other’s awesomeness is such a gift. Continuing this community is already fulfilling more than we could ask for. Your friendship, support and shared energy already lifts us up so much. Thank you. These things are already enough, here are some ideas if you’d like to do more.

DIY Awesomeness (do it yourself)

Homemade stuff rocks! Some ideas are food, candles, jewelry, organic artisan soaps, Epsom salt and essential oil bath mix. There is nothing better than art or a poem from your kid(s). A letter or a handmade friendship bracelet means something so incredible! Receiving something new that we can hang up in our dwellings and think of you and your family would be perfect! Maybe a handmade scarf, oven mitts, dream catcher or try weaving a basket. I homemade clay bowl from my bestie in high school is still one of my most cherished gifts. Years ago I tried cross-stitching an ornament for my brother of the three Wiseman. The instructions made one guy’s sheep herding stick crooked, so I straightened it. Straightening the stick later made it so the same guy’s hand was no longer holding his cane. His empty hand literally turned out looking like the Wiseman was flipping the bird to everyone. With the dynamic my brother and I have, that made the gift even more perfect. I added antlers to the sheep to complete the masterpiece and he LOVES it!

Sometimes with the energy of consumerism flowing more than normal, and cross-stitch errors resulting in unintentional religious profanity, I feel like giving more. Giving something. Shopping for a self-proclaimed non-consumer can be tricky! Even more so if a non-consumer is shopping for another non-consumer. When searching online for gifts for yogis it is still really materialistic. Chances are they already have a yoga mat, plenty of leggings and workout DVDs. Here is a list of unique gift ideas, multipurpose and interactive are key. Hope it helps and post your ideas below!

Mortar & Pestlemortarandpestle

This awesome ancient tool is a kitchen must have. Jamie Oliver says it’s the most important kitchen gadget. A Mortar and Pestle is a bowl with a handheld tool for crushing. Earliest accounts date back to 35,000 BC. That’s right, the Paleolithic Era! Many home chefs believe it performs better than a food processor and exposes better flavor. For tea lovers and DIY herbs: Crush cinnamon, cloves, peppercorn, cumin, ginger or sage. Meddle mint for Moscow Mules. Make salsas, guacamole, dressings, marinades and pesto. Use for garlic, onion, oregano or basil. The possibilities are endless.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

All peace seekers will enjoy practicing this beautiful instrument. Similar to how some make crystal glasses sing with their moist finger, the bowl vibrates to produce sound when it’s wooden ringing stick circles the rim. Tibetan Singing Bowls are used worldwide for music meditation and relaxation.

Mala Beads & Incense

Mala Beads usually contain 108 beads including a Guru bead. They are used in meditation with mantra to keep track of counting so one can focus on the meaning or the sound of the mantra. They are made of many different natural materials from seeds to wooden beads, and stones.

bystumblingBook and a Journal

Journaling is a great therapy and practice to experience life profoundly. There are many great recommended reading lists for yogis to choose from. An empty journal is like a blank canvas, ready to be filled with creative expression!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are especially wonderful if your non-consumer friend is into self-healing. Often these oils are used in Aromatherapy or Body Work (new age term for massage), but there are slews of health benefits to experience. The gift receiver should consult a doctor especially if pregnant. Proper research is necessary for correct use to benefit the respiratory system, treat stomach bugs including food born illnesses, serve as pain management tools, and act as digestive stimulants. Also, varieties of essential oils are very comforting during a cough or cold, headache and sleep. Some are antibacterial, antiviral and great for making your own toothpaste or putting on your dog so it won’t get flees or ticks!

Yoga Gift Certificate

Great fallback or addition to the gift giving options above. Your favorite yogi will be thrilled with the gift of practice time.

Happy holidays to all! We are so thoroughly grateful for you, your kind hearts, and wonderful friendships.

Que todos los seres de todos los mundos tengan paz y felicidad.

Love and Light!

LunaVashtiToeGrabMatilda Juliette is a true lover of life. She finds deep happiness in sharing positivity and ideas with others. As an international yoga teacher and writer, her articles can be found at elephant journal and matildajuliette.netMatilda is also the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. You should totally check it out. 😉 Follow her for more beautiful short stories, compilations of risky and seductive encounters, oh yeah… and health advice/yoga info/nutrition!

Author Photo Credit Luna Vandoorne.

DIY Organic Toothpaste (Fluoride = Icky Eeww Gross!)


stretchOne of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher is that many people ask me for advice on all sorts of issues. (Some other professionals in other areas like doctors or physiotherapists dislike being asked for free advice. I LOVE IT!) Clients, friends and family tend to all ask the same root question in their search for peace, health and happiness.

“What steps can I take to be good to myself?” they ask phrased in a plethora of ways.

It’s that simple. Being good to ourselves results in happiness and health.

‘Good to ourselves’ doesn’t mean treating ourselves to shopping or bags of chips. In this sense it means actually giving your body the nutrients you know it needs regardless of money, actually giving your body the time it needs for rest and exercise, regardless of money, and to give your spirit the opportunities to let go of everything—…

View original post 585 more words

A Conversation With a Witch.


I never really gave witchcraft much thought, and even scoffed at it, until eight years ago someone buried my picture in a Mexican Cemetery. It was eye opening, bone chilling and crazy. I was quickly involved in several unrelated freak accidents. I also caught dengue fever, was fired from my job along with eleven others without reason and was left stranded in Mexico without money or a home. The dark energy hit me hard. I felt it, and it’s weight pulled on me like quicksand for months. Nothing like these events had ever happened to me before, so I began to believe in the ability of manipulating energies.

Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe holiday this last weekend. This year dressing up just didn’t happen in my world. No partying either, really. My Dia de Los Muertos was spent talking with a Witch.

The playground where magic takes place is in darkness, just like tonight. Lola, a beautiful Latin American woman, spoke of her enchanting past. She began learning magic from her ancestors. It started with black and white magic. Alchemy resulted in a balance of practicing the two. The intuitive skills, sensitivity towards energies and ancient knowledge has been passed down through generations.

Black magic entails casting spells. At times, it is with the intention of causing harm to someone, but not all black magic is bad. It is often used in ceremonies to aid in the transition from life to death. It is also utilized in calming chaos and purifying spaces. Both spells for black magic and white magic have consequences. Practicing both forms can parallel the balance of loving both the light sides of our existence as well as our shadows.

White magic is generally practiced for healing and health, to find or strengthen the bond of friendship, and to find truth. (Who’s the fairest of them all?) Other uses of white magic are for defense, to decode dreams, to manifest peace and to ward off other spells. Lola’s supernatural practice is for self-healing and to purify her own space. Alchemy is a tool to dig into deep layers of one’s self, finding the root of illness and stress. If she heals her surroundings (her body, her home) people on the same frequency are attracted like magnets and subconsciously also healed.

Our conversation led me to think about things I’ve never pondered before. Here’s inspiration from a witch.

All Energy Can Be Applied to Amplify Life

What does it mean to apply all energy towards amplifying our lives? How much energy is all of it? Lola exists and makes moves very conscious of her actions and the possible reactions or consequences. She describes a bedtime meditation involving visualizing goals and aspirations before falling asleep. Through this, she manages to maintain complete consciousness throughout the sleep cycles. It’s as if she observes herself rest. She can wake up at any moment and even choose the level of restoration she receives overnight. She also visualizes the things she wants to bring to her life in the future, dedicating herself to searching for spiritual advancement by focusing on abundant positivity in her life before sleep.

The Universe Is Where Our Wishes Materialize.mudralotus

In the beginning, Lola wondered if she was crazy or super cognizant. When she realized with practice she could refine these skills, her life was flooded with meaning and purpose. “When someone recognizes they are a force of power they can choose their life’s meaning.” She explained. “We create our realities as bizarre as they may flow. We can be anyone and we can do anything.”

Information Has Historically Arrived Through Space Teaching Us How To Continue Life.

Ideas come and go in our minds and we often think nothing of where they come from or where they go. These little messages are the universe speaking to us. One example is the cosmos saying long ago ‘be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 9:7) because that was what was needed at the time for life to continue. Today, many women no longer feel the ‘ticking clock’ or internal drive to be a mother. The world is overpopulated and over polluted; right now we don’t need to multiply, we need to conserve and live lightly. Lola believes this shift is the universe’s great wisdom infiltrating our minds as a necessary step for continuing life as the human race.

We Are The Architects Of Our Own Destiny. Allow Self-Change.

“The divinity inside of your heart could be from a shooting star, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, etc. They were all great teachers that taught love and unity, not separation. Yoga, like magic, is an instrument to guide our path towards the light.” The words she spoke gracefully spilled into our space. This information, like all information, is available for the taking if we want the learning path that accompanies it.

Through the evening air, sweet smell of incense moved from the glowing ember, flowing in around us. Lola, sat at the handmade wooden table across from me, her eyes twinkled in the candle glow. We both sipped hot mugs of chamomile tea with Yucatan honey pondering the strength of our divine power— the divine power inside of all of us.

Lola’s Dia de Los Muertos advice for us: Direct your energy towards amplifying life, use the universe as the space to make your dreams come true. Listen to the subtle voice within, and allow yourself to change while creating your destiny.

standoutMatilda fricking loves sharing interesting things she stumbles across. Floating through life like Forrest Gump’s feather she moves from place to place. Happily she finds herself in Mexico often and can’t et enough of the culture — the people, the food, the language, the traditions — it’s so beautiful! If you dug this article, you will probably get a kick out of my book, Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe — Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi.

OM Fest – Connecting with Ancient Spirituality

Fernando Molina of Ananda Yoga made an amazing observation in his enlightening lecture on “The New Yoga” during OM Fest in the Mayan Riviera. He pointed out that yoga festivals are where union is even more apparent because the variety of different styles of yoga come together creating a community of peace, healing and light!

OmFest3This is exactly the experience OM Fest delivered! From the most spiritual kundalini session I’ve experienced to waving our hands in the air and clapping during a vinyasa flow with MC YOGI, we truly saw many yogic methods from the hearts of mindful leaders united together as a community of love!

Similar to other yoga festivals I’ve been to, my spirit is on fire in the afterglow of OM Fest. Bliss shines through me, my smile is ear to ear, and I feel great about myself, my job, my relationships, and I have hope for the rest of the world’s crises, too!

OM Fest is the first international festival I’ve attended and the first festival I’ve taught at. Several very special elements made OM Fest unique.

map1The ancient civilization of the Yucatan are the Mayan people who created one of the most developed and sophisticated cultures in the Western Hemisphere pre-Christopher Columbus’s ‘discovery’. The Mayans were very spiritual beings worshiping primarily gods of nature. Their sun god, Kinich Ahau, their rain god, Chaac, and their earth god Ah Uuc Ticab.

What does this have to do with OM Fest? Our gathering took place at historically one of the most spiritual ancient regions in the world, and that divine energy was prevalent. For thousands of years the people of this area have been connected. Connected to nature, connected to time and space, and connected with themselves. They predicted eclipses and built majestic temples aligned with longitude and latitude lines that cast shadows of snakes only during the equinox. The Mayan ancestors were in touch with everything.

MC Yogi and I :D

MC Yogi and I 😀

Amazing teachers, spiritual healers, and peace givers came together with beautiful worldly intentions. Best part is OM Fest is a place where intimate connections flourish! Who doesn’t want a chance to get one on one time with amazing teachers?

Claudine Lecorre took us on a path through a striking visualization before teaching a Kundalini class on strengthening the nervous system. Someway, somehow in working Kundalini up the spine through breath we encountered Zen. Victor Varana taught Kalam-Balam— The Path of the Snake and the Jaguar tying the ancient knowledge both to the practice in our minds as well as for our bodies. Combining methods from two of his passions, yoga and Aikido, he moved us through honestly the most unique sequence I’ve probably ever experienced. Olga Lingard shared her sweet spirit and knowledge of Anusara in an astonishing workshop where hard energetic work pays off with deep relaxation.

Omfest2We practiced balance in Michael Gannon’s Ashtanga workshop, we practiced trusting each other in Marina Barberena and Eliu Flores’s Acro Yoga class, and we practiced connecting to nature in SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga with Kat Carroll and Itzel Olvera.

Paul King gave an enchanting Iyengar practice that freed my muscles and my spirit. Ayurvedic conferences taught us how we can heal our selves by living well. We gazed inwards with Antonela Roselli as she dug deep within Pratyhara, one part of the eight limbs of yoga that doesn’t get very much attention in North America. We opened hips and hearts. We played like children during laughter yoga, and we slept like babies after sound therapy by Shaman Ahau.

OmFest1Until living in the Mayan Riveria, I hadn’t given much thought to our ancestors or ancient spirituality. Another aspect I hadn’t given much thought to is the effect that music has on our bodies. Since we are such a huge percent water, vibrations have a subconscious effect on us. From beautiful ringing Tibetan singing bowls to the sweet lullabies from Paloma Devi, from Ale Sai of the musical team Moksha chanting ‘Om Namaha Shivaya’ to MC YOGI’s mantras—it was all there! Dancing barefoot in all areas is accepted, encouraged and inevitable. Inda and Yani’s angelic voices chanting mantra sent healing energy through the roof! Smiles twirled as hips swayed. Culturally, these people know how to have a great time. #IMoveLikeAGringa

Another great aspect accompanying the sacred tones was the captivating art! Amanda Giacomini, a remarkable artist was gracious enough to share a copy of three paintings of Shiva, Hanuman and Lakshmi with everyone. Mandalas of all sorts of colors and sizes were displayed. Siri Nath Kaur even taught a Kundalini class on Awakening our Creative Power. Positivity and love flowed freely. I still feel the energy of everyone giving and receiving!

International yoga with international students and international teachers brings international ideas. This kind of variety just doesn’t exist in the festivals I’ve participated in before. (Which is fine, they are aimed at different demographics, I loved those festivals too, and all yoga is good yoga!) OM Fest was refreshing, inviting, welcoming, healing and uplifting all at once! What an event!

All of the traits of OM Fest have made a lasting impression on my heart, and it’s already reflected so brightly in my life and my relationships! I feel it’s added a sense of being well-rounded to my yoga practice. I have found meditation easier to come by and more enjoyable to stay in. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this weekend and hope everyone gets the opportunity to attend such an event! Like OM Fest on FB to receive OM Fest 2015 information as it becomes available. And if you are looking for a spiritual escape close to home, please consider the Mayan Riveria for one of your next adventures. It’s sure to please!


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Eff You, Wikipedia, for Acting Like Free Media

Just hearing the nasty little word ‘diet’ makes my jaw tight with anxiety and my mind crave donuts.

I searched ‘diet’. The first page of results reveals an intense and lucrative industry. The Atkins Diet, The 3 Day Diet, Biggest Loser Diet, DHEA Supplements, South Beach Diet, Drop 30 Lbs in 30 Days. There is a plethora of diet related information available. We can learn anything from the 10 Skinny Cocktails to a list of the Best Diets in 2014.

One can find anything one wants to know on the internet, right?… Free media?

I was perusing the web, researching diets and the idea of dieting, fully prepared to state what’s already been stated. How it’s a four-letter word and the amount of misinformation available is saddening. Why diets don’t work and that the Diet Industry makes a lot of money with super magical weight loss pills or flavored shakes that serve only one purpose… to make money (continuously… if they succeeded in making someone thin they would lose that customer.)

This article isn’t about diets anymore. It’s about free media.

Wikipedia has an interesting perspective. In the introduction for Nutritional Diets, the top part that can’t seem to be edited displays a picture subtitled “A selection of foods consumed by humans.” Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 5.31.45 PM

Really?!? That’s the example we are going to give people who are actually trying to research nutrition? In addition to tulips, we see muffins, nuts, grains, more nuts, more grains, all carbs… Are the items in the bottom right corner yams, bread or fish?… I can’t tell. Yes, in the photo someone chose to be our example for ‘a selection of foods consumed by humans’ we see veggies and fruits as mere garnishes. Half a strawberry and several slices of lemon aren’t enough to provide the vitamins our bodies need.

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 5.39.32 PMI’m going to click this picture and see if I can replace it with one full of a variety of fruits and veggies, I thought to myself.

Nope, sure can’t change it but we find that this terrible example of what humans should eat was kindly released by the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Hmmm, interesting.

Later, we read, “Proper nutrition requires ingestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals, and food energy in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.” WTF?!? Carbohydrates, proteins and fats?! Now I’m kinda’ getting frustrated. We are supposed to absorb vitamins and minerals from just carbs, proteins, and fats?! Fruits and vegetables isn’t even going to be mentioned? What about ‘organic’ or ‘nutrient dense’ Seriously!? You’ve got to be kidding me. Who wrote this?Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 5.46.08 PM

“There is no consensus on what constitutes a healthy diet.” Shut the FRONT DOOR! How is there no consensus? Who was asked? I bet if you solicit about a hundred yoga teachers or practitioners of Eastern Medicine about nutrition you will get a frickin’ consensus. I call bull-shit!

Even free media isn’t free. Just as we have to be mindful of the things we consume as food, we have to be mindful of the information we consume. The lack of information and misinformation is vast because nobody makes profit off of people being well. I really enjoy the documentaries A Beautiful Truth and Hungry For Change, the information in these films jumpstarted my interest in nutrition.

Free media is the biggest joke of all. Regarding proper human nutrition, there is a consensus. Enjoyable articles on elephant journal and mindbodygreen often give excellent recipes, healthy ideas, and ayurvedic methods. Processed or not makes a difference. Chemical additives like msg, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives are historically completely foreign to our bodies. No wonder we can’t process them. P.S. The chemicals in artificial food interact with our cerebral chemical makeup making us just a little (or a lot) crazy. Read about how diet effects ADHD here.

A nutritional ‘Diet’ is defined as the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group. When one speaks of a giraffe’s diet, they are speaking about what a giraffe eats throughout its life, not what the giraffe ate to get ready for swimsuit season or that family gathering where there will be tons of photos taken. Hazaa! It’s not supposed to be a three day, 4 week, year long or segmented regimen at all! It’s the sum of what we consume, the prana for life. Our cells regenerate with the nutrients we provide them… and I just don’t think tulips and carbs are gunna’ cut it.

Eff you, Wikipedia, for acting like free media.



Matilda began introspection and soul work several years ago. She fell in love with yoga during a miserable low point in life. Job sucked, relationship sucked, and when push came to shove she didn’t like herself all that much. She felt she was on the fast track towards a mundane life. Searching for something positive to be a part of, Matilda impulsively purchased six months unlimited at the yoga studio. There she found something she didn’t realize was lost… herself. Yoga- something so simple, yet so complex changed everything.

Matilda is a sultry storyteller. In addition to silly blogs, yummy healthy recipes and reviews, Matilda is the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. Follow her for more beautiful short stories, compilations of risky and seductive encounters paired with tasteful karma.