DIY Organic Toothpaste (Fluoride = Icky Eeww Gross!)

stretchOne of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher is that many people ask me for advice on all sorts of issues. (Some other professionals in other areas like doctors or physiotherapists dislike being asked for free advice. I LOVE IT!) Clients, friends and family tend to all ask the same root question in their search for peace, health and happiness.

“What steps can I take to be good to myself?” they ask phrased in a plethora of ways.

It’s that simple. Being good to ourselves results in happiness and health.

‘Good to ourselves’ doesn’t mean treating ourselves to shopping or bags of chips. In this sense it means actually giving your body the nutrients you know it needs regardless of money, actually giving your body the time it needs for rest and exercise, regardless of money, and to give your spirit the opportunities to let go of everything— especially the attachment to money. (Uggg… Something I’m working on!)

The information is already inside of each of us but we have fallen out of practice with listening to our selves. You know what you need! Maybe its different from want, or maybe what you need is the same as what you want. Have you asked through your own words what steps you can take to be good to yourself? Start listening to you. You deserve it and you can allow yourself to feel well by treating yourself well.

When we are good to ourselves, we feel better, we are happier and we treat others better.

A step I guarantee will make you feel better and be happier is ensuring you don’t consume or absorb fluoride. Check out this video 10 Truths About Fluoride. It’s a must see!

Whew. That video is crazy, right?! Here is an article I like on how to remove fluoride from your water. Teaser: Brita and Pur filters don’t cut it.

Just altering two tiny parts of the morning routine will change your life! It’s quick, easy, you’ll save money, create less waste, and feel better! Eliminating fluoride from your prana will not only benefit your dental health, but the health of your whole system increases. The difference is notable!

DIY Toothpaste Recipe


No more boxes, no more tubes, no more flavors, colors, sweeteners, chemicals and no more fluoride! 😀

What you need:

-Small glass container or jar (Abundantly found at thrift stores!)

-Organic virgin coconut oil (Most detailed article on coconut oil types. Great table in the conclusion.)

-Baking Soda

-Tea Tree, Eucalyptus or Peppermint Essential Oil


Put roughly equal parts coconut oil and baking soda together in your cute glass jar. I like to put the oil in first because the baking soda gets stuck in the corners.

Add 15-25 drops of the essential oil of your choice depending on the size of your jar and your personal taste preferences.

Shake or stir depending on your oil’s consistency. I live abroad at the moment. Packages come in Spanish and the coconut oil never gets solid, but I love my drippy DIY toothpaste just the same. If you are in colder climates, oil may be opaque and thicker but it still mixes with baking soda easily.

Creating your own toothpaste produces less garbage, costs less money, and the fluoride stays far away! Using fluoride free floss is also important. The second unnecessary fluoride morning routine is swishing with mouthwash.

For a mouthwash alternative, check out the incredible benefits of oil pulling!

What’s your favorite DIY toothpaste flavor? Catch a typo? Comments below! 🙂

Matilda began introspection and soul work several years ago. She fell in love with yoga during a miserable low point inMatilda life. Job sucked, relationship sucked, and when push came to shove she didn’t like herself all that much. She felt she was on the fast track towards a mundane life. Searching for something positive to be a part of, Matilda impulsively purchased six months unlimited at the yoga studio. There she found something she didn’t realize was lost… herself. Yoga- something so simple, yet so complex changed everything.

Matilda is a sultry storyteller. In addition to silly blogs, yummy healthy recipes and reviews, Matilda is the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi. Follow her for more beautiful short stories, compilations of risky and seductive encounters paired with tasteful karma.

Organic ‘Cookie Dough’ – Baking not required. :)


Healthy eater with a cookie dough craving? Me too!

And life is short.

I have found that eating less processed/packaged foods and only fresh organic foods has allowed me to maintain weight even if it includes organic sweets. I have also found allowing myself what I want within the realm of organic to be a more sustainable ‘diet’ than eliminating things I ‘shouldn’t eat’ later feeling like a failure when I just really want it. Organic cooking is meant to be a fun little experiment. Play with recipes and tweak them to work for you!

All ingredients are optional. Omit the chocolate or use vegan chocolate for vegan. Use as a blueprint to create your own tasty masterpiece.

-Tastes Like Cookie Dough Bars-

Organic Ingredients

¼ cup peanut butter                                                   
¼ tsp cinnamon                                                          
2 bananas, peeled and mashed
handful of walnuts
handful of dried cranberries/goji berries 
1/2 tsp organic maple syrup
1 cup chocolate chips
around 2 cups rolled oats (I think precooked works nicely.)
1/2 tsp fresh ground ginger
shredded coconut

In a medium size saucepan warm peanut butter, mashed bananas and maple syrup just long enough for all ingredients to be well blended. Remove from heat.IMG_0764

Add cinnamon, walnuts and dried berries. Mix until all ingredients are integrated well. Add rolled oats and stir. The desired dough consistency will be sticky, chunky and able to press into a crust. Sometimes I add more rolled oats to make it thicker.

IMG_0765Press dough into un-greased pan of your choice about ¼ inch thick. Place aside.

Gather chocolate chips and fresh ground ginger. Warm on a low temperatureIMG_0768 while stirring often until chocolate has melted and ginger smells awesome. Remove from heat. Spoon melted chocolate evenly over ‘dough’. Sprinkle coconut and keep in freezer until serving time. Enjoy with tea and fruit for even more satisfaction!

MatildaMatilda’s relationship with food has had its ups and downs all her life. Through yoga and ayurvedic teachings she has found and practices nutritional balance. She is now dedicating herself to helping others find their balance.

In addition to yummy organic recipes, yoga thoughts, and spirituality she is the author of the hit novel Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe – Dating and Sexcapades of a Yogi.

What ways did you personalize this dish? Think it tastes like cookie dough?… or is it more of a gourmet Peanut Butter Cup? 🙂 Comments below!